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Last Updated : 27-05-2023
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What is a Laravel Developer?

A Laravel developer is a software professional who is trained in the Laravel framework. To engage the right Laravel expert, write a fascinating job description that matches your needs. Laravel is extensively known for its simple, delicate, and expressive syntax. It aims to make the development process easiest for developers without negotiating the functionality of web applications.

Developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, Laravel creates web applications using Symfony under the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravel’s source code is introduced in GitHub with an MIT license. This open-source framework has constantly become one of the favorites among developers. Most think that Laravel is responsive, lightweight, clean, and easy to use.

Laravel has an extensive array of tools and libraries that speeds up the development cycle. Hence, there’s no commitment to rewrite functions with every software project.

Rather, a Laravel developer can point to the design, innovation, functionality, and other things that truly matter. Read on to find out the skills and qualifications essential in a Laravel developer.

Special Features of Laravel Programming:

1. MVC Architecture

2. Web App Security

3. Artisan

4. Database Migration System

5. Unit-testing

A Laravel Developer is Responsible for:

• Building and sustaining modern web applications using standard web development tools

• Writing secure modular codes that have undergone strict testing and evaluation

• Checking the validity and density of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on different platforms

• Debugging and solving technical issues

• Maintaining and designing databases

• Performing back-end and User Interface (UI) tests to build up the functionality of an application

• Participate with other developers (front-end, back-end, mobile app, etc.) and project managers to move the software projects faster

• Documenting the task progress, development process, and architecture process.

• Keeping advanced with the latest technology trends and best practices in Laravel Development.

Skills Required to be a Laravel Developer

It’s a given that Laravel developers should have a solid foundation in the Laravel framework. However, they must be skilled in different aspects of technology. Here’s a list of the Laravel skills to look out for.

• Deep understanding of the basic web languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

• Solid experience working with PHP, the latest Laravel version, Solid Principle, and other types of web frameworks

• Proven expertise in managing API services (REST and SOAP), OOP (Object-oriented Programming), and MVC.

• Demonstrable experience in unit testing using test platforms like PHP Spec, PHP Unit, and Behat

• Good working knowledge in design and query optimization of databases (MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL) and No SQL (MongoDB and DynamoDB).

• Familiarity with server tools (Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM) and cloud servers (Azure, AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, etc.)

• Excellent communication and problem-solving skills

Why Choose Laravel Over Others?

The open-source PHP framework was developed by Taylor Otwell with the objective to deliver a more advanced alternative to CodeIgniter. Due to some of its intimidating features such as the Command Line Interface called Artisan, Support for the Database system, and migrations, Laravel gained popularity over the years. Now to become an excellent Laravel developer you must learn all the technical advantages of the framework.

1. MVC Architecture

2. Authentication and Authorization

3. Template Engines

4. Artisan Console

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